CDs/Recordings available:


        NEW!! Scowl
        Nate Wooley - trumpet
        Scott R. Looney - piano
        Damon Smith - bass
        Weasel Walter - drums




UG Explode Records 049


Scott R. Looney - piano, prepared piano, electronics
Klaus Janek - doublebass, electronics
        For audio clips and tour information, see the 
        Duo 1510 minisite




Edgetone Records 4104


Urban Rumination CD

       Urban Rumination
       Oliver Lake - saxes
       Paul Smoker - trumpet 
       Scott R. Looney - piano, prepared piano
       Lisle Ellis - bass 


       1. Strata

Meta 010

Mimetic Holds BPA 101        Mimetic Holds
        Frank Gratkowski - saxes, clarinets
        Scott R. Looney - hyperpiano
        Damon Smith - bass
        Kjell Nordeson - percussion 
        1. Any Icon Melody (excerpt)
        2. Indexes Provolones (excerpt)
 BPA 100
75 Or Less Records 75OL-043
        Summer Rise, Summer Set, Summaries 
        Elliott Levin - sax, flute, spoken word
Scott R. Looney - hyperpiano
Damon Smith - bass
Weasel Walter - percussion
       1. Summer Rise / Summer Set...Summaries (excerpt)
       2. Summer Rise / Summer Set...Summaries (excerpt2)
75 Or Less Records 75OL-043 

Repercussions - EDT4061

Scott R. Looney - solo piano + hyperpiano 
        1. Rumination (excerpt)
6. Windmill
        11.Tiphareth (excerpt)
Repercussions - EDT4061 

No Way Back - There Records

  No Way Back - available online only
Jon Raskin - alto and baritone sax, mouth harp
Henry Kaiser - electric and acoustic guitars
  Scott R. Looney - hyperpiano, electronics
  3. Conspiracy Of Silence (excerpt)
        13.No Way Back (excerpt)

Kadima Records

Untitled (1959)  
Ariel Shibolet - soprano sax
Aurora Josephson - vocals
Jen Baker - trombone
Scott R. Looney - hyperpiano
Damon Smith - bass 
  3. Number 61
        15.Red, Black Orange,Yellow on Yellow
 Kadima Collective Records
Rastascan -BRD-057         Yellowcake
Jacob Lindsay - Ab, Bb, Bass, and Contrabass clarinets
Scott R. Looney - electronics
Gino Robair - percussion, analog synth
1. Definitive And Subject to Change (excerpt)
        5. Lazy Tongue (excerpt)
 Rastascan - BRD057